Your Training

At Jayu, it's not about how good the instructors are.  It's about how good we can make you!


We focus strongly on fitness as a foundation for your body and mind to help accept the challenges of learning the new, and eventually more complex, techniques that you will discover throughout your martial arts journey.

Even though as an individual student in a class dynamic, we will strive to provide one on one instruction with you every time you train.

You can go your whole life never having to defend yourself. So why bother doing martial arts?

Because of everything else it empowers you with -  increased self confidence - a more humble approach to situations - respect for ones self and others - the ability to make correct choices - controlling ones impulses and emotions - a "can do" attitude - increased physical strength, endurance and flexibility - increased social skills and approach to learning - improves performance in sports.

The above benefits are encouraged through or six tenets - modesty - courtesy - integrity - self control - perseverance - indomitable spirit.

It is also echoed by our Jayu Martial Arts Academy Slogan -


"Through Personal Development You Can Achieve Freedom, Balance and Harmony!"


Jayu is the Korean word for freedom.  The Phoenix at the centre of the logo represents the personal development a student undergoes, while the yin and the yang symbol in the background reflects balance and harmony.

At Jayu we proudly boast about our student's achievements outside the Academy.  Did you know many of our students have been Dux of their schools, or school captain, or on the school student representative council?  We have students that have received their school's Academic Achievement Award, Citizenship Award, Sporting Achievement Award and countless other academic and sporting achievements.

At Jayu, whilst we follow a WTF Taekwondo syllabus, we also believe in drawing influence from other disciplines, whether it be Karate, , Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Judo, Jui-jitsu, Aikido, Hapkido, Boxing and also Tai Chi.

Our current and previous students have travelled from various areas to access the flexibility in our training schedules.  Those areas include - Blackman's Point, Ballengarra, Bonny Hills, Cooperabung, Crosslands, Innes Lake, Kendall, Kew, King Creek, Kunderbung, Lake Cathie, Laurieton, Long Flat, North Haven, North Shore, Sancrox, Telegraph Point and Thrumster.

Your Benefits

Doing any martial art is good!
That’s what we tell people. But, before you begin your self defence journey, you need to research three things – is it a style that suits you – do the instructors suit you – and do you have enough access to training times that suit you?
Go kick the tyres!
Give some classes a go at various academies. Most places will offer you a free lesson to begin with. But unlike most, we at Jayu offer unlimited free first lessons to start you off, with no further commitment required. You need that time to properly assess us, and we you, to make sure it’s the right fit.
Get what you pay for!
At Jayu we track how often you train. So, if you have paid for a certain period of time and at its completion you haven’t used your program enough, then we simply give you more time to train at no further cost.
We don’t charge extras!
At Jayu there are no – joining fees – registration fees – insurance fees – coloured belt grading fees – certificate and belt fees – cancellation fees.
Do you get a free uniform?
Yes! Once you join a program the first uniform is supplied for free, along with a handbook informing you of what to expect from your training at Jayu Martial Arts Academy.
Train with us for free!
At Jayu our students have the potential of training with us for free. If a new member joins and nominates a current student as their source of contact, that student receives a $50 Gift Certificate to put towards their fees or purchase of equipment.