Classes for everyone!

Everyone, at any age, can use the skills
you learn at Jayu Martial Arts in their everyday life.

Whether you (or your child) need more focus and concentration, self-discipline to set yourself goals and achieve them or just attain a level of fitness and health to live a more fulfilling life, our programs can help you! Remember – through personal development you can achieve Freedom, Balance & Harmony!

Callie Warren

Jayu martial arts academy is a very welcoming and fun place. There is the perfect balance of fun and discipline. People of all ages will find Taekwondo a very rewarding experience, and the lessons learnt will not only improve your skills within the dojo, but will teach you many other lessons that can be taken into all aspects of life.

Matilda Stewart

Incredible instructors, a fun, inclusive way to get fit and learn self-control and to defend yourself. Tae kwon do is an immensely enjoyable sport and Jayu Martial Arts Academy provides professional and comprehensive lessons from fully qualified instructors.

little dragons

Ages 3 - 8

If you’re looking for the #1 martial arts lessons for kids in Port Macquarie, you’ve come to the right place! Our play-based Little Dragons program focuses on motor skills, self-discipline, confidence, and fun!! Our games teach martial arts in a highly active and engaging way, while our “mat chats” teach our young students about the 6 tenets of tae kwon do. Parents quickly find their young ones becoming more confident, more focused, and learning to set inspiring goals!


Ages 8+

Our Beginner Belt Classes are designed to start people on their martial arts journey regardless of age, gender and experience!

This program teaches you self-defence, improving your self-confidence, self-respect, and increasing fitness! Each technique is broken down into stages by our qualified instructors, to make it easy to understand and learn in a safe environment.  You will see your progress and attain the next level of your journey faster than you thought possible!

Learn kicking, punching and self-defence techniques that can easily be adapted to any situation that may arise and also give you the confidence to defend yourself. If you’d like to see yourself or your child build rock solid self-confidence and laser-sharp focus, simply contact us for more information about available programs and take advantage of our special 30 day trial offer!


In our Intermediate program, you to take the next step in your journey at Jayu Martial Arts Academy. In addition to more advanced self-defence techniques to learn including throws, sweeps and takedowns,  you will also begin sparring!  This is in a safe environment where you can put into practice the training that you have been learning over the past months!

Don’t fear! Our sparring style is semi-contact and you are fully protected by padding! What we are looking for when you spar is how you defend and counter with skill, technique and control! Our intermediate/Advanced classes are going to prepare you for your goal of Black Belt!

black belt and masters clubs

Many of our students say that achieving their blackbelt is one of the hardest things they will ever face, and one of their proudest moments. And, once you have attained the level of Black Belt your martial arts journey doesn’t finish! Now is the time to perfect your own techniques and pass on your love of the Martial Arts to others!

Black is the colour of mastery.  No colour added to this can change or improve it. Students at this level now  start a new beginning. The apprenticeship of coloured belts is over and the road to understanding and the pursuit of perfection begins.

We also offer:

Children's Parties

Take the hassle out of your child’s party with our Karate Parties – at just $10/child*! We provide the venue & the fun so all you need to do is bring along the food, then kick back and watch all the fun! FREE BONUS: party guests score a free white belt to remember their special day! (*min. 10 guests)

school programs

Whether you’re looking to add a character development offering to your curriculum or expand your sports offering, our school programs can be tailored to suit your needs! Come to us or we’ll bring our Dojo to you. Our school packages are priced to be accessible to all, so enquire today.

corporate workshops

Looking for a team-building activity with a difference? Your team will love our unique corporate workshops. Jam-packed full of fun, fitness, and team-building games, these sessions are a winner for an offsite, team reward, milestone achievement, or a Christmas party you’ll all remember! 

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