A Flexible Timetable
to suit the busy life.

Our Timetable is designed to be flexible as to fit
in with most peoples busy lives.

There are several classes for every belt level to attend and, depending on which program you are on, you can access up to as many as 10 classes per week!

*Note: 3:30pm Little Dragons classes are currently not on. We hope to return to this timeslot shortly. Day classes are not held during school holiday periods.

Additional calendar events

Monthly Graduation - last friday of each month

On the last Friday of the month we hold a coloured belt graduation at the Academy. This is where students will demonstrate the syllabus they have been learning so they can achieve their next belt rank. If a student is not quite ready to grade, don’t worry! They will just be moved to the next month’s grading so they will be ready! As we say, grow at your own pace!

Sparring week - first week of each month

The first week of the month marks Sparring Week for our intermediate and advanced belts – an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and test out their muscle memory, as they face peers in semi-contact sparring. During this week, we incorporate both sparring drills and partner rounds to our classes. And, don’t worry – a full sparring kit is worn for protection!

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